Privacy & Website Cookies

At The Niel Partnership we regard our clients' and website visitors' privacy as being of the utmost importance. Any information you submit to us, either through this website or through any other means such as email, telephone or letter, will be regarded as confidential, and will not be passed to any 3rd party without your express prior permission. Any such information will be stored and/or disposed of in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

We do not use cookies or any other tracking information to monitor or analyse use of this website. Like any other website, the web server collects information about page views, but this information is not associated with individual visitors.


Since May 2011 when the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications came into force in the UK, it has been a requirement to obtain the website visitor's permission before placing cookies (small files sent from the website to the web browser) on the visitor's computer. Cookies can be classified as either session cookies (which are deleted when the visitor closes the browser) or persistent cookies (which remain between visits). Cookies are a popular way for advertisers to track visitors as they visit different websites and to deliver targeted advertising.

Important note: this website sets a session cookie upon visiting the site, without asking your permission. This cookie is generated by the Joomla content management system software which runs the site, and cannot be disabled. This cookie is not used for tracking or statistics gathering purposes, and is deleted when you close your browser. We are currently working with our suppliers with the aim of removing this cookie.